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Best Freelancer Skills to Learn in 2022 [Top 9]

Top 9 Freelancer Skills to Learn in 2022
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The face of freelancing is changing every day and the demands for freelancers and their skills are different each year.

Here I listed 9 skills that are demanded by entrepreneurs, companies, and new startups in 2022.

So without further ado, let’s see what these 9 skills are!

Most Demanding Freelancer Skills For 2022

This list is much different than whatever you’ve read before because I cut out skills that are hard to learn, require academic degrees, and take a long time to master.

What I left with are the best 9 skills that you should learn if you want to become a successful freelancer in 2022 and make money online.

1. Graphic Design

Graphic Design as a Freelancer Skill in 2022

Graphic designers and artists are an inseparable part of every business & startup.

There are a lot of demands for 2D designers and Photoshop masters to design marketing materials, posters, website graphics, ad banners, etc.

Graphic design is usually the first skill everyone recommends to learn to become a freelancer because it is easy and technically free to learn.

If you want to learn graphic design skills, there are unlimited video tutorials on YouTube that you can follow and learn everything, and if you have a knack for creativity, you will be very successful very fast.

2. Design Websites with WordPress

Design Website with WordPress as a Freelancer Skill in 2022

With the growth of online businesses and the tendency among small businesses to have an online presence, sooner or later, many small companies want to have a website to showcase their products or services.

Who is going to help them create one? A freelancer who is skilled in using WordPress.

WordPress is a CMS or Content Management System that allows you to create a website, any kind of website, without coding and programming!

How? By employing different Plugins and themes that are easily installed and used by just anyone regardless of their knowledge of website development.

WordPress is a relatively easy skill to learn since it doesn’t involve coding or complicated stuff.

So, if you want to become a website designer, then learning WordPress skills is a perfect start to becoming a freelancer.

3. Digital & Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing as a Freelancer Skill in 2022

Digital marketing is one of the most demanding skills since the internet was invented.

It includes the same fundamentals as traditional marketing but changed to be applicable on the internet.

The goal of digital marketing is to effectively lead the businesses to make more revenue by employing different techniques that bring more customers and make more sales.

In simpler words, digital marketers design and run marketing (or advertisement) campaigns that bring more customers and make more money for the business.

The idea is simple but learning digital marketing is a bit harder than that. But help is here since there are many tutorials, books, and other resources where you can learn is free.

What you have to learn are some market & customer fundamentals and strategies and then improve upon them to design an effective strategy for each business you are marketing for.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a Freelancer Skill in 2022

One of the most demanded freelancer skills that are super popular among businesses and startups is Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short). It is actually one of the digital marketing strategies.

SEO means optimizing a business website, marketing material, etc. in a way that drives traffic from the search engine results page to the website, traffic (or users) who search for something that the business you are working for has.

The reason why SEO is so popular among business and digital marketers is the fact that is it pretty cheap to run and very effective and long-term. The execution is easy.

You target some keywords for a specific Search Intent followed by some other things. If done correctly, you’ve got yourself a solid SEO plan that works for your website. That is why SEO experts, even at basic levels, make a fortune.

Learning the basics of SEO won’t take more than a few weeks, and the basics open a flood gate for you to learn more advanced techniques and design your own strategies.

Every SEO expert and every business has its own SEO strategy and if you learn the basics, you can easily mix different basic strategies together to make an effective strategy to promote a business.

5. Write Blog Content

Content Providing as a Freelancer Skill in 2022

There is always a hot competition among blogs and content-focused websites to produce the best content as frequently as possible.

There are blogs that publish 5 to 10 new unique articles on their niche almost every day. That calls for a professional team of content providers and researchers.

That is why the role of freelance content providers and blog writers has always been important to such websites.

To become a freelance content provider, you should learn how to do 5 simple things: 1) do research, 2) write a unique 800 to 3500 words article, 3) include some images, 4) SEO optimize at basic levels, and 5), publish.

It’s a very easy skill to learn and there are a lot of demands for it. Sometimes, you don’t even need to include images, SEO optimizes, and publish the article. Blog admins will do it themselves!

It is better to know how to write in English, but the good thing about writing blog content is that you can find freelance work in local markets too, and write articles for local blogs.

6. Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting & Bookkeeping as a Freelancer Skill in 2022

Accounting and bookkeeping are relatively easy skills to learn and highly demanded by individuals as well as business owners.

This skill deals with keeping records of income and expenses and taking care of warehouse & inventory changes, which is something you can learn in a matter of a few months.

Learning accounting and bookkeeping is not only learning the fundamentals but also learning to employ powerful online accounting services and SAAS.

As a freelance accountant and bookkeeper, you can work for everyone who makes lots of money but doesn’t know how to manage it.

This is where you come in as a personal accountant (or business accountant if your client is a business) and help the guy manage the funds.

7. Copywriting

Copywriting as a Freelancer Skill in 2022

A skill that businesses never stop demanding is a good copywriter because advertisement is always an effective way to develop a business and make more sales.

A copywriter is someone who writes those catchy phrases and content on promotional posters and advertisement banners & billboards.

They have the job to write their best piece of work to attract more customers and engage their minds with the product or the service they are promoting.

Becoming a copywriter is something that you have to learn by reading more literary works and understanding different writing elements.

There are some copywriters who have easier tasks like writing the content of a manual book or a brochure, but the real work and money for freelance copywriters are in the advertisement content.

8. Photography & Videography

Photography and Videography and Camera works as a Freelancer Skill in 2022

Learning photography and videography, and in general camera skills, is always a time well spent. There is always a demand for freelance photographers for various purposes and it often involves good money.

By learning camera skills, you have the opportunity to sell stock photos & videos online. This is always a good alternative to do even if you never have a client (which is unlikely)!

There are lots of sites and marketplaces that are willing to showcase your stock photos that others may buy.

On the other hand, you can use such skills to make videos and run a YouTube channel or help others shoot videos for their channels, or create video tutorials of something.

And the good thing is, with the quality of today’s smartphones, you really don’t need to have fancy equipment.

You just need to understand the photography & videography basic principles and learn how lighting work and affects your photos & videos.

9. Video & Audio Editing

Post Production, Video and Audio Editing as a Freelancer Skill in 2022

With the rise of YouTubers and content creators on different platforms, the demand for post-production freelancers (video & audio editors) will eventually increase.

Many YouTubers and podcast hosts outsource their video & audio editing works to freelancers on marketplaces like Fiverr or Upwork.

If you learn post-production as a freelancer, you will have the opportunity to find a lot of jobs and make good streams of income.

Such audio & video editing works aren’t so hard. You are not making a Hollywood movie, so you don’t need to learn complicated edits and visual effects.

You just need to learn how to edit a video for YouTube or TikTok or similar platforms. This isn’t too hard and doesn’t take a long time.


Among thousands of skills that you can learn to become a freelancer and make money online, only a handful of them is actually useful in 2022.

There are 9 freelancer skills in this post that had proven they could be a viable source of income if one decides to become a freelancer.

I talked about all 9 of them and explained how helpful they can be for your freelance career. I also provided some examples that you can take up to start learning the skill.

They are skills that are easy to learn and mastering them won’t take too long. These are the skills that many are currently using to make money but the market is not yet saturated!

So the bottom line is: If you decided to become a freelancer, make sure to choose the correct skill to learn before rushing into this wide subject.