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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting MehdiRashed.com (hereinafter known as “I” or “this website” or “my website”). I provide this notice explaining what personal information this website collects, how they are kept safe, and where they will be used on this website. I make the link to the Privacy Policy page available on the homepage and wherever personal information may be requested. Personal information is any information that is associated with your name or personal identity.

What this Website Collects

Whenever you comment on a post, submit a contact form, or subscribe to the newsletter, personal information, including, but not limited to, your name and email address will be collected. Also, your IP address (the Internet address of your computer) will be collected and logged when you are visiting this website or doing any of the above-said things.

How Personal Information will be Collected

Like many websites on the internet, the information will be collected via a standard technology called the “Cookie”. Cookies give information on how you use this website. They will later be used in order to provide a better experience for you when you are visiting this website.

After all, they are cookies and are completely harmless, so don’t worry. Other information, like your name, email, address, etc., will be collected via forms when you are writing a comment or submitting a contact form. You can provide us nonsense if you like. It will be fine for writing comments, but if you do that with a contact form, then don’t expect to receive a reply!

How Information will be kept safe

This website uses powerful SSL technology to ensure the best private and secure connection for users visiting the website. Your personal information will not be shared with any third party outside the scope of this website, and will never be kept longer than needed unless ordered by higher authorities.

Your personal information will not be sold or given to anyone, and will never be shared or published online. If you want your personal information removed from my website, it’s totally fine. Keep calm and don’t worry. I got you back. Just Contact me and consider it done!

How Information will be used

Cookies are usually there for us to enjoy our glass of milk, but on this website, cookies are used to deliver a better experience. You can block cookie collection by going into your browser setting, but after that, you may not have the best experience visiting this website.

IP addresses will be used to protect users as well as this website. How? We use IP to prevent DDoS attacks and spammy submissions. IP addresses will never be linked to any personal information. IP addresses are like manufacturer contact information written on the back of a food packaging; you don’t notice it unless the food tastes funny!

External Links

Due to the nature of the content of this website, external links will be placed in posts to provide more information on a subject or show examples of something. Over time, these links might become obsolete, deleted, corrupted, destroyed, vanished, go back to the state of non-existence, etc. I am personally not responsible for the content of the external links.

You can choose not to click on them. Don’t complain about their malfunction or any other problems regarding the links to me. If you found an external link that might be obsolete & need updating, or problematic in any way, just Contact me.

Have any questions?

You can Contact me regarding any privacy issues you are concerned about. I’ll help you out. This page was last updated on November 4, 2020